Michael Xavier


I am a software developer with a strong interest in writing clean code, and builidng maintainable software. I am an active participant in open source software and am constantly honing my skills. I am very well versed in Ruby/Rails, Web Development, as well as Haskell.

Work Experience

CrystalCommerce - Mountlake Terrace, WA


  • Started as an intern and progressed to a lead developer.
  • Working a large Ruby on Rails eCommerce and catalog platform.
  • Designed and implemented a moderately sized application using Typescript and AngularJS
  • Responsibilities include:
    • Maintaining and extending all aspects of the system
    • REST API design, implementation, and documentation
    • Building a multitude of reliable 3rd party service integrations.
    • Slowly replacing large amounts of legacy code while supporting an active user base.
    • Onboarding/training/supporting new developers
    • Advised in product development
    • Large amounts of pair programming and collaborative development

San Diego Computers - San Diego, CA


  • Started with parts procurement
  • Ended up building several back-office Ruby on Rails applications to streamline day to day operations and customer processing.
  • Maintained several servers and backup systems.
  • All work was remote. Learned time management and remote collaboration skills.


  • Ruby - Expert-level experience with Ruby design patterns, testing practices, language features, metaprogramming, web development, etc.
  • Ruby on Rails - Working with Rails has been my primary job for the last 3 years. Intimately familiar with all of its strengths, weaknesses, and idiosyncrasies.
  • Haskell - Have been studying Haskell and working on open source Haskell projects for the past 3 years. I am committed to constantly improving my Haskell skills and helping to grow the Haskell community and improve Haskell’s library parity with other languages. I have released several open source libraries in Haskell.
  • TypeScript Have developed and maintained several moderately-sized Typescript codebases for the purpose of driving an AngularJS application which I have also designed and maintained.

Open Source Development

I have been participating in the open source community for over 4 years. Most of my open source contributions recently have been in Haskell. I have several packages in Haskell’s HackageDB. Links to all of my projects can be found on my website1 and at my github profile2. In my time at CrystalCommerce, I have extracted and open-sourced several RubyGems and contributed many patches to Ruby projects.

I maintian a blog3 where I write about software engineering and techniques in Ruby and Haskell.


  • 2010 - BS in Computing and Software Systems from University of Washington Bothell
    • Completed coursework in HCI (Human/Computer Interaction) and UX.
    • Completed coursework in compilers/parsers.
    • Did independent study on applying test-driven development to existing codebases.
  • 2006 - Graduated with honors from Granite Falls High School


  1. http://michaelxavier.net/projects.html↩︎

  2. http://github.com/MichaelXavier↩︎

  3. http://michaelxavier.net↩︎