An Extensible Dead Man’s Switch System

Angel (Maintainer)

Process Monitoring/Management, Like Daemontools

phash for Haskell

Haskell bindings for pHash, the open source perceptual hashing library


HTTP service for leaky bucket-style rate limiting, written in Haskell.

  • Github
  • HackageDB to come as soon as I get some experience using it in the real world to ensure I haven’t missed anything major.

Bucketeer Client for Ruby

Ruby client for the Bucketeer rate limiting service.

  • Github
  • Rubygems: Same as above. As soon as Bucketeer is on HackageDB, this can go on rubygems.


Cron data structure and parser for Haskell.


Buster is a utility for periodically hitting a set of URLs for the purpose of cache busting.


Simple parser for kickass torrents data dumps, written in Haskell.


Haskell bindings for v1 of the Google+ API.


Haskell bindings for the Campfire chat API.


Email reminder system inspired by Written in Haskell backed by Redis. This component is the poller.

HollaBack Admin

A Ruby support web server for HollaBack built on Padrino. This package constitutes an administrative panel for HollaBack as well as a hook for the Postmark Inbound service.


I have ceased work on this project because of the unpredictability of the API datatypes. I have since transferred ownership of the project over to this repository.


Haskell bindings for the RememberTheMilk API. Currently on haitus until RTM fixes their JSON API to be less of an unredeemable nightmare to work with.