IShack Util Released

June 30, 2010

I find myself posting links to images in IM conversations all the time. I wrote a little utility to make it easier.

Yeah I realize this is a pretty simple open source contribution but it’s all I had time for for now. Check it out on my [GitHub]{}.


Run ishack –help for usage, but in general:

ishack myfile1.jpg myfile2.jpg
ishack -t # transloading from other urls


  1. It would be cool for the progress bar to keep track of data uploaded. Right now it just increments after each file, which is pretty much useless for small numbers of images.
  2. Output is aligned kind of weird. This should be an easy fix.
  3. STDIN file input. You could transload and resize like: wget -O- | convert - -resize 50% - | ishack

Oh, and I just found out tonight that my other little project MechaZilla must have a really stupid implementation bug in it because it took up > 1GB of ram in a large download. Whoops.